Mastering Service

Are your finished tracks sounding weak and letting you down when played next to commercial releases.

If your answer is Yes, then it has put all your hard work to waste, no matter how good your tune is if it’s not been mastered well it will not sound good and never be played by DJ’s no matter how much they liked it.

Get your tracks professionally mastered to industry standards. We have been mastering for 7 years now and know what it takes to master your track to be played at clubs and radio all over the world, it’s what it deserves so trust it with the professionals and let us take your tune to the next level.

We have a huge repeat customer base of Dance Producers who use us time and time again, see what some of them are saying about us below.

mastering image Single track Mastering £10


mastering image Ep (3 track) Mastering £25


  • What happens after I send a PayPal payment?

As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment we will send you details usually within the same working day what we require from your bounced down song (format, levels, conditions etc) and where to upload it to.

  • And how long until I get back my Mastered song?

Within 48 hours.


Listen very carefully to the two same clips below, first is a well known on-line Mastering service which does OK but when the track is treated individually just as ours is the difference in sound is noticeably better in many aspects.


Online Service

      Other online Mastered preview clip



Spindisc Mastered

      Select Mastered preview clip

Deep Stated

“Brilliant Mastering, very pleased with the mixdown advice you offered me and with the finished songs”

Code 9

“really love what you done with the track, it has been Mastered so well,thanks”


“and so happy you kept to my original instructions of keeping a gritty analogue feel which two previous companies had not, mastering is spot on and sounds so good in the club. Wicked”

Rob Philips

“blown away with the mastering, top quality, did not know what to expect because prices were so low”

Soul Shift

“big respect for the Mastering”


“btw, nice mastering”

Face 2 Face

“quality of mastering is excellent, love the analogue feel you have injected into it”

Jason Rose

“Just want to say that you have Mastered my song way beyond anything I expected, will be using you all the time from now on, quite simply awesome”